Golf Coaching Seminars for Learning a Game of A Lifetime.

Putting Players on track to the next level.
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Improve Your Game:
The Par 3 Method
The Third Shot Philosophy
How to break 100?
How to break 90?
How to break 80?
Beginner Golf 1.1
Beginner Golf 2.0
Womens golf
High School Golf Team Prep
High School Golf Team 2.0

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Join us in a partnership to put your golf game on track for more enjoyment and a lower score.

 Golf Instruction, Coaching,
and How to Golf Better Seminars.
Players will learn to lower their score by better utilizing the tools they have. The staff will assess the players shot making skills and golf course management processes to produce consistant results.
Coaches will teach the students to track stats and put in practice time where it is best utilized
to better their game. 
Cost: $275.00 per Student
*  Golf Instruction and Game Analysis
from the PGA Golf Staff members.
*  30 Day Practice Passport at
The Par 3 at Woodhaven Golf Course.
(Riding Carts not included)
*  Swing Video Analysis
* Game Stats Review
Age appropriate for 14 years of age and up
Scott Womble, PGA Life Member, Clemson University Golg Instructor, Family Golf Life Founder & CEO.